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    A GFD Workshop on Teaching Study Skills

    A GFD Workshop on Teaching Study Skills

    Date : 2019-11-25

    A workshop on Teaching Study Skills was conducted in GFD on 20th November 2019 in the Multimedia Lab on the Ground Floor. The session, which is included in the departmental annual in-house professional development plan, was facilitated by GFD faculty members: Ms. Runitha Lourdes and Ms. Hina Faraz.

    The workshop facilitators covered all aspects of the Study Skills component specified in the Oman Academic Standards for General Foundation Programs. The Study Skills subdivisions that were thoroughly discussed were managing time and accepting responsibilities, research skills, taking notes, and giving presentations. The interactive nature of the workshop assisted the participants to grasp the very essence of embedding Study Skills in English language, Foundation Computing, and Basic Mathematics classes.

    One of the major outcomes of the workshop is raising awareness of the importance of Study Skills constituent as an essential factor of preparing GFD students for their academic studies.  It has been concluded that presenting Study Skills across the board should be tackled with deliberation and consistency. It has also been decided that teaching Study Skills needs to be documented since it is not taught separately.

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