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Welcome to Research Centre

Mazoon College Research Centre is a platform for all faculties and students in Mazoon College where they can showcase their research findings in the diverse domains of Computing, Informatics, Business Administration, Economics, Psychology and English Language & Literature. It focuses on the early stages of research areas to improve the professional and the academic strength of students and faculties. It seeks to motivate, inspire and enable professional research activities.

About Us


To achieve excellence through research for all Mazoon College faculty members and students.


Bring world-class knowledge in research to all Mazoon College faculty members and students; to adhere to the policies and procedures of Mazoon College pertaining to research and to contribute substantially to the College, its faculties and students, and the wider community through facilitating extensive and productive research activities.


1. To provide guidance for research activities conducted by students and faculty members.
2. To provide support in terms of funding to faculties and students both internally and externally.
3. To enhance the research culture among students and faculty members.
4. To provide assistance on how to publish research articles in reputed journals

Some More Information

General Research Direction at Mazoon College

Mazoon College has a vision to become an influential College recognized for its strong research performance. The following are the research directions Mazoon College intents to be highlighted and utilized by its researchers.
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Future Directions for Research at Mazoon College

Spreading the importance of Research among faculty members and students.
Increasing the number of publications at national and international journals among staff members.
Encouraging students research project.
Increasing the numbers of active researchers among the staff members in the college.
Networking with other higher education institutes in the research sector.

Priorities for Research

The Research Management Plan specifies the priority areas for research aligned to the college's teaching strengths in Computing and Informatics Science, English Language Studies, and Economics & Business Studies.

Computing and Informatics Science

1- Augmented Reality
2- Internet of Things
3- Information Security
4- Web Services
5- Data Mining

English Language

1- English Language Literature Studies
2- Translation
3- Textual Criticism
4- Academic Writing
5- English Language Teaching Pedagogies

Economics & Business Studies

1- Entrepreneurship and Business
2- Leadership and Human Resource Management
3- Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality Management.
4- Economics, Accounting.
5- Financial Management


1- Psychology
2- Personal Development Studies
3- Criminal Justice and Legal Studies.
4- Sociological Aspects.
5- Psychology and Criminal Justice

Our Team

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Dr. Said Hamed Rashed Al Saadi

Head of Research Centre

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Dr. SaleemBasha

Member of Research Committee,
Computing & Informatics Department

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Dr. Sohel Ahmed

Member of Research Committee,
Economics and Business Studies Department

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Dr. Sheeba Khan

Member of Research Committee,
Humanities Department

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Dr. Shadab Jabbarpoor

Member of Research Committee,
Department of English

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Ms. Amia

Member of Research Committee,
Department of General Foundation


Mazoon College Students have made a remarkable achievements in their career.

Ms. Khalsa AL Rhumhi

Dept. of Computing & Informatics

The M.Tech Student Ms. Khalsa Humaid Abdullah Al Rumhi under the supervision of Dr. M.S.Saleem Basha, developed an algorithm and tested in prototype for solving the Load Balancing between LIFI and WIFI with hybrid version of Cell Breathing (Load Distribution) and MinMax theorem (for decision taking) approach. The way she explained the findings was deserves applause, which is reflected and published in many newspapers in Gulf Region (namely, Al Shabeeba, Oman News, Al Barzha, The 7th Day, Sublet Oman, Al Academia, Gulf Eyes etc.)

Mr. Talib Ali

Dept. of Computing & Informatics

The M.tech Student Mr. Talib Ali Al saidi under the supervision of Dr. M.S.Saleem Basha, developed an adaptive and full response online system for Transportation booking and Management system for the Ministry of Education in the Al Batinah North region. His application was appreciated and many requests for its use were received.

Mr. Nizar Al Jabri and Mr. Yousuf Al Qasmi

Dept. of Computing & Informatics

Mr. Nizar Ali Al Jabri and Mr. Yousuf Salim Al Qasmi have created the new software for "Calculating CGPA (Student Version)" with the support from Research Centre, Mazoon College. The sofware is very helpful to the students to calculate / predict the CGPA. which helps to plan their work plan to concentrate on the academic schedules to secure more grades to get rid of probation notices. This software also help the advisors to advise the students. The copy of software is available in Students Affairs Department for the benefit of the students. and requested to use the application.

Ms. Zainab Fathima Ali and Ms. Fahmida Haque

Dept. of Computing & Informatics

The CS & IT Students, Ms. Zainab Fathima Ali and Ms. Fahmida Haque were participated in INVENT'17 - Technofest Event organized by the Faculty of Information Technology, Majan College on 20th March 2017. They won the FIRST PRIZE TROPHY in WEB DESIGN and also participated in Build a PC and Poster Design.

Mr. Salim Issa Al Balushi

Dept. of Computing & Informatics

The M.Tech Student Mr. Salim Issa Al Balushi under the supervision of Dr. M.S.Saleem Basha, have published a book titled "Developing Queue-Less System and Integration with Web Services" in LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany. ISBN-10: 9786139841103 ISBN-13: 978-6139841103

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