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    Workshop on Data Backup Procedure

    Workshop on Data Backup Procedure

    Date : 2019-10-24

    The work shop implemented on Hall A, it covered definition of data backup , rules of data backup and Backup plan:-

    • What data (files and folders) to backup
    • What compression method to use
    • How often to run your backups
    • What type of backups to run
    • What kind of media on which to store the backups
    • Where to store the backup data for safekeeping


    The IT Services created a shared folder in an each user’s workstation from the above academic and non-academic departments.

    ii. The user’s workstation shared folder linked with the file server. The shared folder files will be transferred to file server automatically in every week.

    iii. The file server connected with the backup server. The file server data will be transferred to the backup server in every month end.

    iv. The backup server data will be transferred to an external hard disk at end of the semester.

    v. If any data request by the user, the same will be transferred from the fileserver / backup server based on the time period.

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