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  • We are very excited to share this good news with you: Mazoon College has obtained ASIC International accreditation (Premier Class).

    Latest Events

    An Awareness Workshop on the GFP Quality Audit Process

    An awareness workshop on GFP Audit Process was organized by Quality Assurance Department & General Foundation Department on 24th November 2019 from 1:30 to 2:30 pm in Hall B on the Second Floor. All the staff and academics heads attended the workshop. The process of audit was presented by the Head, Ms. Shouq Said Al-Araimi. The facilitator walked the audience through all the phases related to the process of GFP Quality Audit. Next, she shed light on the four GFP Audit Scopes: Governance and Management, GFP Student Learning, Academic and Student Support Services, and Staff and Staff Support Services. After that, the procedure of preparing for the GFP Quality Audit was explained by Dr. Jameela Khatoon, Head, Quality Assurance Department. It was informed that four working groups has been formed which would be led by coordinators to cover the four audit scopes. A GFP Audit Steering Committee has been appointed to follow up and provide support to the whole process. At the end of the workshop, a number of interrelated issues were comprehensively discussed. Dr. Suhaila Abbas, ADAA provided some insights on the preparation for the GFP audit process.

    A GFD Workshop on Teaching Study Skills

    A workshop on Teaching Study Skills was conducted in GFD on 20th November 2019 in the Multimedia Lab on the Ground Floor. The session, which is included in the departmental annual in-house professional development plan, was facilitated by GFD faculty members: Ms. Runitha Lourdes and Ms. Hina Faraz. The workshop facilitators covered all aspects of the Study Skills component specified in the Oman Academic Standards for General Foundation Programs. The Study Skills subdivisions that were thoroughly discussed were managing time and accepting responsibilities, research skills, taking notes, and giving presentations. The interactive nature of the workshop assisted the participants to grasp the very essence of embedding Study Skills in English language, Foundation Computing, and Basic Mathematics classes. One of the major outcomes of the workshop is raising awareness of the importance of Study Skills constituent as an essential factor of preparing GFD students for their academic studies.  It has been concluded that presenting Study Skills across the board should be tackled with deliberation and consistency. It has also been decided that teaching Study Skills needs to be documented since it is not taught separately.

    Celebration of 49th National Day - BUS Dept.

    18th November is the most remarkable date in Omani Calendar. It’s a day which portrays Oman’s Glory pride and progress. Economics and Business Studies Department like every year celebrated the occasion with utmost joy and happiness. To make the day special the students of the Department have shown their love and loyalty to Oman and take pride in the achievements as we get ready to celebrate the occasion. This year, students focused entirely on something different which is growing field in coming years. They have arranged an Exhibition which portrays various models to display Alternate source energy conversion such as Sun transforms in to nuclear energy, Electrical energy to Kinetic energy, Smart city projects based on solar panels and Mechanical energy to be converted to Heat energy and many more. It was very heartwarming to see the students actively involved in preparations and celebrations. The event was graced with presence of Dr. Khalfan Abdullah Al-Masruri Dean, Dr. Suhaila Abbas Asst. Dean Academic Affairs, Mr Abdul Rahman Juma Al-Ghailani Manager - HR, Dr. Owais Hussain HOD Economics & Business, Dr. Jamila Khaton HOD QA and All other Department HODs, Staff members from Academics and Non Academics. Each and every person present over there appreciated the immense creativity to celebrate the occasion. The program was fully coordinated by all faculty members of Economics and Business Studies Department.        

    Upcoming Events

    Mar 19
    Seminar on "Impact of AR in Education"

    Seminar on “Impact of AR in Education” is organized by the Department of Computing and Informatics on 19/03/2019

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    Mazoon College

    Mazoon College is a private academic institution that has operated under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education since 1997. It was established to provide higher education nationally and internationally in different fields. At present, it has thirteen programs at undergraduate level and three programs at postgraduate level. The College gives high school graduates, international students, and employees the chance to gain the educational skills and the high technology to cope with the ever-changing modern development. The College, from its first establishment, has made firm steps towards the qualitative development of its performance to provide prestigious services. It is also aware of the need to conduct full review and continuous evaluation of its progression. It always seeks to provide itself with high quality academic and administrative staff and the addition of new majors required by the community and to develop its already existing capabilities.

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      Anything can be changed in the world through Computer Technology ...

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      Education is not preparation of Life, Education is life itself...

    Dr. Owais Husain HoD – Economics and Business Studies

      Quality comes with hard work and dedication...

    Dr. Jameela Khatoon HoD , Quality Assurance Department

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