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  • We are very excited to share this good news with you: Mazoon College has obtained ASIC International accreditation (Premier Class).

    Latest Events

    A seminar titled "An influence of IT in telecommunication"

    A seminar titled “An influence of IT in telecommunication” was held on Wednesday 6th of November 2019 in the IT Club, organized by the Computing and Informatics Department. The session targeted all the students, and in particular the IT majors’ students. The seminar was coordinated by Dr. Abbas, Head of the computing and Informatics Department, and presented by Mr. Faisal Al Busaidi, Senior Manager, Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management, Omantel. The purpose of the seminar was to introduce the audience to the evolution of telecommunication in light of information technology rapid development, as well as the need for telecommunication providers to match pace with the customers’ needs and expectations, as their dependence on new technology is constantly changing. A total of 49 participants responded to the questionnaire which was distributed at the end of the seminar. The following results were obtained from the questionnaire. The seminar ended on a positive note with good interactions and concluded with a question and answer session.  Most of the students gave very positive feedback and found it very helpful.    

    Workshop on Google Forms (Basic Level)

    The workshop on “Workshop on Google Forms (Basic Level)” was conducted for Non-Academic Staff Members of Mazoon College on 17/10/2019.  The session was presented by Dr. A. Mohamed Abbas, Head-Department Computing and Informatics. The purpose of this workshop is to generate the google forms for collecting feedback from the stack holders.  In this workshop, the basic level operations are discussed to prepare the feedback forms.  

    A Professional Development Program Attended by GFD Staff at Bayan College

    Some of the General Foundation Department staff members attended a workshop on Pearson Resources at Bayan College on 24th October 2019. The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Hemani Naran, a Pearson English Language Teaching Consultant. It is worth mentioning that both Mazoon and Bayan Colleges use the pushing firm Pearson textbooks Top Notch and Ready to Write in teaching the English language component of their Foundation courses. The presenter walked the participants through the varied features of Top Notch and Ready to Write series. Pearson Placement Test was thoroughly discussed as well. Also, a special reference was made to the Global Scale of English (GSE) which is a particulate scope that is primarily used to measure English language proficiency advancement. The interactiveness of the workshop provided the participants with opportunities to reflect on their experiences in teaching the respective textbooks. At the end of the session, Dr. Anna Scopaz, the Acting Dean of Bayan College, presented a gift as a token of acknowledgement and appreciation to Ms. Hemani Naran, the workshop facilitator. The workshop was followed by lunch and a short meeting to plan further potential fields of collaboration between the Foundation Departments at Mazoon and Bayan Colleges.

    Upcoming Events

    Mar 19
    Seminar on "Impact of AR in Education"

    Seminar on “Impact of AR in Education” is organized by the Department of Computing and Informatics on 19/03/2019

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    Mazoon College

    Mazoon College is a private academic institution that has operated under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education since 1997. It was established to provide higher education nationally and internationally in different fields. At present, it has thirteen programs at undergraduate level and three programs at postgraduate level. The College gives high school graduates, international students, and employees the chance to gain the educational skills and the high technology to cope with the ever-changing modern development. The College, from its first establishment, has made firm steps towards the qualitative development of its performance to provide prestigious services. It is also aware of the need to conduct full review and continuous evaluation of its progression. It always seeks to provide itself with high quality academic and administrative staff and the addition of new majors required by the community and to develop its already existing capabilities.

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      Anything can be changed in the world through Computer Technology ...

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