Quality Assurance Department

Mazoon College regards quality management and quality enhancement as one of its key priorities and it is central to the academic endeavour. At Mazoon College we aim to achieve academic excellence and high quality research and community engagement. We acknowledge that quality is not achieved through a range of random and ad hoc activities and therefore we aim to achieve this, through rigorously planning, implementation and review.   All activities at Mazoon College are scrutinised with a view to enhancing the quality of every aspect of life at Mazoon College. At Mazoon College, we don’t just believe in quality, we live quality.  It is regarded as the responsibility of all academic and non-academic staff at Mazoon College, and, in this way, we are building a Culture of Quality.

Our planning processes are a major support mechanism for the achievement of our strategic goals. Planning is based on statistical data that assists our decision-making processes.   The operational plans of all academic and non-academic developments are aligned to our strategic goals, which are in turn aligned to the Vision and Mission on the College. We plan for Quality!

One of the cornerstones of the quality management system at Mazoon College is its policy management system. Policies have been developed, and are implemented, monitored and reviewed, for all important activities. All policies are developed in consultation with stakeholders, both internal and external, their implementation is monitored through regular reporting, and they are reviewed as per a predetermined schedule of review.

A further cornerstone of the quality management system at Mazoon College is its comparative approach to activities, which includes international input from its affiliated institutions, national and international benchmarking and moderation of assessment practices that ensure that its educational programs are on a par with other local and international institutions.

Strong academic governance structures strengthen the quality management system at Mazoon College.  These structures include a consultative and participatory approach that allows for academic and non-academic staff to be involved in academic decision making processes.  Various committees exist and the work of these committees feed into the College Council where all important academic and non-academic decisions are discussed.

At Mazoon College we also believe in an evidence-based approach to quality management, where activities have measurable performance indicators that are monitored and reviewed.