Admission Requirements

Candidates should:

  • Have the Secondary High School Omani Certificate or its equivalent approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Fill in the registration form attached with the following documents.
  • Original copy of the Public Education Diploma or its equivalent and original mark transcript.
  • Good moral conduct certificate.
  • Birth certificate (copy).
  • Copies of the candidate and guardian’s passport or ID cards.
  • 4 up-to-date colored photos of the candidate.
  • Medical certificate showing that the candidate is free of any contagious diseases

General Foundation Program and the Language of Instruction in the College:

As English is the language of instruction at the College, students who fail to achieve the required percentage in the placement test or who have not obtained a certificate of TOEFL (a total of 550 points) or its equivalent are required to enroll in the General Foundation Program. The (GFP) is an intensive program in English that aims to help students who are admitted in the College to develop their skills in the English language. Prior to their academic study, weaker students are in need of an intensive program in English which ranges from one to three semesters through which students can enhance and improve their proficiency in English. However, a student can be exempted from this program if s/he achieves the required percentage in the placement exam.  It should be noted that the GFP period will not be counted from the student’s academic study plan.

  • Evaluation Criteria in the Placement Test: -

    Candidates must sit for a placement test in English, mathematics and information technology excluding those who have a valid TOEFL certificate with an average of not less than 550 points. Students who enroll in any level of the GFP must get an average of at least 60% to proceed to the following level or to be promoted to the respective study program.

 Admission Requirements and Enrollment in the Master of Computer Science Technology

  • Admission Requirements

An applicant should satisfy the following conditions in order to join the M.Tech program:

Those who have successfully completed their undergraduate degree program in any one of the following discipline:

  • B.E/B. Tech / B.Sc. Computer Science , Management Information Systems MIS, IST . Communications & Electronics Engineering , Electrical & Electronics and Mathematic or equivalent .
  • She / He should pass the placement test.

    Admission Requirements for MBA Program

To be considered for admission in to MBA program, an applicant must have successfully completed the following:

  • A Bachelors’ degree from recognized University with minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5  or
  • A Bachelors’ degree from recognized University with minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 with the following conditions:
  • The applicant should have a minimum of two years working experience.
  • The application will be interviewed by the College admission committee.
  • Required Documents for Admission:


Candidates Must:

  • complete an application form.
  • submit an original copy of the BA certificate and transcripts.
  • submit a copy of passport or ID card and two recent passport size photos.
  • pay the non-refundable registration fees (O.R150) for one-time only.

Students Advising

The Academic Advising is essential for applying the Credit Hours System at Mazoon College. It is not only restricted to introducing the Study Plan to students, but also enhances and strengthens the instructors-students relationships in order to achieve the educational process aims.

The Academic Advising at Mazoon College is carried out through two stages:

  • General advising

It includes introducing all the systems within the College, particularly those related to the Credit Hour System, the study system, rules and regulations and the general requirements. The student will also be familiarized with the facilities available in the College such as the labs, the library...etc.

  • Academic Advising

It is carried out by the academic advisor who guides students to select appropriate courses according to their study plans. S/he also aids students to overcome and resolve all the obstacles and academic problems that may arise during their study in the College.

The academic advisor duties and responsibilities:

  • An academic advisor is a faculty member assigned and instructed by the Head of Department (HoD) to guide a group of students studying in the College. S/he provides students with all kinds of advice and support in their College and academic life.
  • The relationship between the advisor and students shall be governed by mutual respect, trust and honesty and aimed at providing students with moral support and guidance in their academic lives. It also contributes to the College’s mission and values in building up awareness and culture among students.
  • The academic advisor is the link between students and the respective department. S/he will provide the department with a full image of students’ life at the college. S/he will adopt the matters faced by students during their academic life.
  • The academic advisor sets up a study plan that suits the student abilities and follows up the student’s achievement.
  • The academic advisor conducts a periodical review of the student’s study plan in order to advise her/him on the courses s/he can register in each semester based on the rules and regulations adopted by the College and to coincide with her/his academic plan.

Admission Requirements MA in English Literature


B.A. in English Language, Literature or Translation (or any related field) from a recognized University, with GPA not less than 2.50.

Language requirements: IELTS 6.0 or equivalent or exemptions from the formal English language proficiency entry requirements are for applicants who submit authorized letters from their respective undergraduate educational institutions to confirm that all their undergraduate studies were taught and assessed exclusively in English.

All nationalities will be considered for admission. Native English speakers will be exempt from the language requirement.