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  • Master of Business Administration (MBA )


    General Overview

     This program is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Sultanate of Oman and run in cooperation with the Banasthali University, India. Banasthali University offers an integrated system of education and it is accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) of India with an ‘A’ grade (a five star rating).

    Mazoon College offer MBA with specialization in four different areas:

    1. Financial Management
    2. Marketing Management
    3. Human Resource Development &
    4.  Information Technology.

    Who should enroll?

    1. Those who aspire to become professional managers
    2. Those who are already managers and who want to acquire more professional skills
    3. Those who want to climb up the ladder in their profession
    4. Those who are already entrepreneurs or aspiring to be entrepreneurs.

    Minimum Eligibility

    1. Graduates of any discipline with a GPA of 2.5 are eligible to study this course.
    2. The applicants should be fluent in English.
    3. Graduates with GPA not less than 2 are eligible to apply, but two years work experience and fluency in English is compulsory.
    4. The candidates must complete the application process and attend an interview if asked for.

    Program Structure


      Semester 1 Credit hours Specialization : Financial Management
    1 Economics for Managers 4 E1.   Global Business finance
    2 Human Resources Management 4 E2.   Strategic Financial Management
    3 Quantitative Methods in Management 4 E3. Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
    4 Financial Accounting 4 E4.Management of Financial Services
      Semester 2   Specialization : Marketing Management 
    1 Accounting for Managers 4 E1.   Sales, Distribution and Logistics Management
    2 Corporate Finance 4 E2.   Behavioral Dynamics of Target Markets.
    3 Marketing Management 4 E3.  Global Marketing Management
    4 Organization Behavior and Development 4 E4.   Corporate Promotional Strategy
      Semester 3   Specialization :Human Resource Development 
    1 System Analysis, Design and MIS 4 E1. Industrial Relations Management
    2 Elective from Specialization Field 4 E2.   Human Resource Development Systems
    3 Elective from Specialization Field 4 E3.   Advanced Readings in HRD and HOD
    4 Marketing in Special sectors 4 E4. Interpersonal Dynamics and Group Processes
      Semester 4   Specialization : Information Technology  
    1 Strategic Management 4 E1. Object Oriented Programming & GUI Designing
    2 Optional from Specialization Field 4 E2.  Computer Networking and Internet
    3 Optional from Specialization Field 4 E3.  RDBMS and Data Base Administration
    4 Project Report and Presentation 4 E4.  DSS and Knowledge Based Systems
      Total credit hours 64