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    Information Science and Technology department offers diploma and degree focused on today’s cutting edge information. Students in Information Science and Technology study the latest technology in areas including networking telecommunication, E-commerce, and integrated business systems. Professionals in this field administer, maintain, and support computer systems and networks. Today’s business environments have a critical need for professionals who have an understanding of information technology based on a broad knowledge of management practices, economics, psychology, and the humanities. These individuals are needed to implement the technology to support business processes, managerial decision making, and organizational communication.

    Who should enroll?

    1. The students who want to become confident in theoretical and practical skills needed for country’s industrial and technical growth
    2. The students who wants to design and develop various computer-based systems in various areas
    3. The students who wants to be  computer organization and computer network professionals.
    4. The students who wants to be  database management system administrator and developers.
    5. The students who wants to gain a  broad range of social, ethical, legal, global, and professional issues in the computing field
    6. To learn oral and written communication skills

    Minimum Eligibility

    Those who have the secondary high school omani certificate or its equivalent approved by the ministry of higher education


    Information technology Graduates from Mazoon are in a position to gain employment as an IT professional in a number of fields such as application development and deployment, information systems management, web application development and network management. They may also work as systems analysts, database designer, database administrators, network support engineer and web designers in commercial/private/government organizations. 

    Courses and Credit hours’ and Distribution

       1st Year                 Fall Semester (15 hrs)

    Course Name Cr. Prereq.
    IST 50 Intro to Management Information Systems 3 None
    Psych 50 General Psychology 3 None
    Engl 20 Exposition and Argumentation 3 None
    CS 53 Introduction to Programming 3 GFP- IT and Maths
    Math3 Pr-Calculus 3 GF Maths

    1st  Year               Spring Semester (15 hrs)

    Course Name Cr. Prereq.
    IST 51 Implementing Info Sys – User Perspective 3 IST 50
    Math 12 Business Calculus 3 GFP-Maths
    Phil. 35 or Hum Elec. Business Ethics 3 None
    Engl 65 Intro. To Tech. Comm. 3 Engl 20
    Econ 75 Economic Development in the Gulf States 3 None

    2nd Year             Fall Semester (15 hrs)

    Course Name Cr. Prereq.
    IST 151 Implementing Info Sys – Data Perspective 3 IST 51
    Phil 212 Computer Ethics 3 Phil 35
    SPMS 85 Principles of Speech 3 None
    Stat 211 Statistics (Calculus-Based) 3 Math 12
    IST Elective <see list below> 3  

    2nd Year               Spring Semester (18 hrs)

    Course Name Cr. Prereq.
    IST 223 Database Management Systems 3 IST 151
    IST 233 Networks & Communication 3 IST 151
    IST 231 Computing Internals & Operating Systems 3 IST 151
    IST 286 Web & Digital Media Development 3 IST 151
    IST Elective <see list below> 3  
    IST 10 Intro to Knowledge Management Systems 2 None
    IST210 IST-Seminar 1  

    Total Credits: 63