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    The aim of the Diploma English program is to impart a comprehensive knowledge of English language and literature to the students. It begins with giving ample practice and opportunity to the students to hone the four basic skills in such a way that they can make use of them in the understanding of advanced level texts. The Department encourages the students to develop their perceptions in the language through different courses in media, a variety of courses in basic literature, advanced writing and speaking courses. This program enables the students to be successful professionals in whatever career they choose, whether in media, academia or business. We make our students achieve excellence and expertise in all aspects of professional and personal lives. 

    Who should get enrolled?

    1. Students who aspire to develop their advanced skills in English to be able to advice, persuade, argue, describe and explain their views successfully.
    2. Those who wish to develop their interests in the language through a variety of courses in media, Linguistics, British and American Literatures.
    3. Those who want to build their personality and develop confidence in the language.

     Minimum Eligibility:

    To get enrolled in the Associate Degree of the Department the student must have the Secondary High School Omani Certificate or its equivalent approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.


    It is mandatory to acquire reasonable competence in the language to meet the current requirements of Oman economy and to be at par with the world. English major students should expect to find employment possibilities in different sectors:

    1. They may seek employment in education, journalism and the media, marketing and public relations, tourism, and translation and interpretation. 


    Course Plan for Associate Degree in English:

    A. Diploma in English Language: (English Associate Degree Program (63 credit hours)

       1st Year                 Fall Semester (18 hrs)

    Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
    Eng 20 Exposition & Argumentation 3  
    SPMS 85 Principles of  Speech 3  
    Eng 115 Practical English Grammar 3  
    Eng 100 Reading for College Students 3  
    Phil 35 Business Ethics 3  
    Math 3 Pre-calculus 3  

    1st  Year               Spring Semester (15 hrs)

    Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
    Eng 60 Writing & Research 3 Eng 20
    Eng 201 Special Topics 3 Eng 20
    Psych 50 Introduction to Psychology 3  
    Ling 101(1) Introduction to Translation 3 Eng 20
    Elective English Elective** 3 SpMs 85

    2nd Year             Fall Semester (15 hrs)

    Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
    Eco 75 Economic Development of the Gulf States 3  
    Eng 75 British Literature I 3 Eng 60
    Eng 205 Business English 3  
    Eng 65  Introduction to Technical Writing 3 Eng 60
    Elective Free Elective* 3  

    2nd Year               Spring Semester (15 hrs)

    Course Code Course Name Credit Hrs Prerequisite
    Eng 214 Language of the News Media 3 Eng 60
    Ling 102(1) Translation for Business 3 Ling 101
    Eng 80 British Literature II 3 Eng 75
    Eng 105 American Literature I 3 Eng 201
    Phil 212 Ethics of Computer Usage 3 Phil 35

    Total Credits: 63


    1- Non-Arabic students may take any TWO Department elective courses as alternatives of Ling 101 and Ling 102 courses.