Department of Humanities


The Humanities Department is an internal organization unit at the Mazoon College, recently starting with the aim to perform teaching and learning activities in the field of humanities studies, and related disciplines. The current, ongoing scholarly and dedicating activities of the Humanities Department are the direct outcomes of the Mazoon College tradition and diverse research interest of academic and teaching staff, with perspectives to develop further activities. The department conducts a teaching pursuit and offers the following two Bachelor’s programs.

Name of Program

Affiliate/Cooperation University

Bachelor’s Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology


Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a Major in Criminal Justice

Purdue University Northwest, USA


The vision of the Humanities Department at the Mazoon College is to bring the intellectual tradition of the wide spectrum of humanities and social study disciplines to the curricula and to the research and scholarship for preparing the students to a wide range of carriers locally and internationally in the field of humanities studies. 


The mission of the Humanities Department is to provide support, guidance, coordination, regulation and promotion of quality of education and research in the field of humanities science, and to upgrade the value and tradition of Mazoon College within the Sultanate of Oman and global environment.

Graduate Attributes

  • Competent in their field of endeavor
  • Acquire essential disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge
  • Adopt at applying the attained competencies and knowledge at workplace
  • Culturally and inter-culturally effective communicators
  • Develop effective skills in communicating with others in English
  • Build pragmatic knowledge of interacting with others in culturally diverse environments
  • Critical thinkers and problem solvers
  • Capable of exercising critical thinking techniques to solve problems in varied situations
  • Aware of local problems and capable of conducting relevant and quality research projects
  • Socially responsible
  • Develop personal integrity and professional ethics
  • Engage in contributing to the welfare of community and nation
  • Economically aware
  • Mindful of fundamental and contemporary economic issues
  • Aware of labor market requirements at local, regional, and international levels

Goals and Objectives of the Department

In order to reach the mission and vision statements, humanities departments defines four goals, following the objectives for each of them.

Goal 1.

Pursuing excellence in teaching and learning, and give knowledge leadership in a wide and diverse range of teaching programs in the field of humanities studies, and related disciplines.


  • To optimize learning techniques, application of new forms, and teaching methods, and their improvement with an opportunity of giving comprehensive education approach.
  • Used the information technology in the planning and forming of learning activities.
  • Providing quality instruction in undergraduate level related to humanities discipline.  
  • Developed the department’ teaching staff skills in terms of extending methodological support of educational, training and pedagogic activities.
  • Supporting the scientific and professional training of the member at the Department.
  • Requirement the qualified and committed academic and lecturer staff.
  • Strengthening recruiting efforts of the department to attract new faculty members who support the values and standards of world-class education.
  • Building partnership with fields of inquiry outside of the immediate concern of the department.

Goal 2. Provide competitive academic study programs that see the diversity as asset that contributes to the development and stability of the country, and to compete in the workforce, and labour market.  


  • Maintain the quality of study and teaching programs that already exist.
  • Introducing new study programs, at all level of study,  based on the relevance and rationality according to the need of the educational system in the Sultanate of Oman
  • Provide proper venue for teaching students to think creatively and critically in resolving issues raised in the contemporary society.
  • Involving students into the internship and training activities, in their field of study.
  • Developed and integrate performance of the students in order to be able to enter into a graduate studies programs in higher education institutions at the national, and international level.

Goal 3. Support and enhancing an integrated approach to teaching that is in accordance to the requirements of the marketplace and the responsibilities of citizenship.


  • Enhancing integrated approach into the curricula.
  • Developing curricula so that they reflect demands of the marketplace, are compatible with the visionary identity of the college, and provide significant real world exposure through project work.
  • Ensuring that students acquire the necessary skills to serve in modern society and demonstrate professionalism when working with multicultural environment.
  • Ensure that students who complete study are able to demonstrate mastery of the various theories and research methods that is relevant to the particular program.
  • Guarantee that students are going to be able to demonstrate mastery of the important concepts in for the particularly program, as well as understand how criminal justice institutions are organized and managed.
  • Review, understand and assess critically research related to particular program

Goals 4.

Develop and support research’ activities programs and integrated into the teaching activities


  • Developing plan for the research activities and proffering the intellectual capacity in the field of humanities study, respecting the relevance of Omani environment, and scientific, as well.
  • Following the scientific research achievement and transferring the new knowledge into the educational programs questions
  • Active participation of the students into the research activities.
  • Taking care about the scientific and professional training of the member at the Department



Faculty Members

Sr. No.



Ext. No.



Dr. Anica Dragovic

Head of the Department


Dr.Sheeba Khan

Assistant Professor



Ms.Nelia Basmayor




Ms.Suad Al-Hadhrami

Assistant Lecturer



Mr.Shadhan Al-Mahrouqi

Assistant Lecturer



Note: The Above mention department is running under the supervision of “Economics and Business Studies Department”.