Semester I Program

Course Code: BUSM10000

Course Title: Management Lectures I

Description: An introduction to a survey of the field of management. Exposure to the different functional areas of management will be stressed. Focus will be on the individual development of the students in regard not only to future professional employment but also to his or her educational planning.

Course Code: BUSM10100

Course Title: Intro to Business

Description: An introduction to the internal operations and external environment of contemporary business. Consideration is also given to the social economic role of business in our society. The basic business functions and role of management are also discussed.

Course Code: ENGL10400

Course Title: English Composition I

Description: Emphasis on the organization of the expository theme. Directed writings of themes based on personal experience, on the relationship between experience and language, and on the relationship between experience and ideas.


Course Code: ENGL10000

Course Title: English Composition

Description: For first-year students needing intensive instruction in the fundamentals of English composition as preparation for enrollment in other composition courses. Upon completion of this course, students will be assigned to subsequent composition courses according to the teacher’s recommendation.

Course Code: MA15300

Course Title: Algebra and Trigonometry I

Description: NOT open to students with credit in MA 14700 or14800. MA 15300 is College Algebra. The content of MA 15300 and 15400 is similar to Algebra And Trigonometry The pace and emphasis is directed to students who do not intend to take MA 16300. MA 15300 is College Algebra.

Course Code: SOC10000

Course Title: Introduction to Sociology

Description: A survey course designed to introduce the student to the science of human society. Fundamental concepts, description, and analysis of society, culture, the socialization process, social institutions, and social change. A first course for sociology majors and a possible terminal course for non-majors.

Semester II Program

Course Code: ENTR10000

Course Title: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Description: Basic business skills are surveyed and case studies of successful entrepreneurs will be studied to develop a broad understanding of this important force in the economy. Guest speakers and selected readings will introduce the student to the scope of opportunities that exist for entrepreneurs.

Course Code: ISM10200

Course Title: Computer Utilization for Management

Description: An introduction to computer application software with an emphasis on use within the management area. Topics include word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and databases, with applications targeted specifically for marketing, finance, human resource, accounting and economics.

Course Code: COM11400

Course Title: Fundamentals of Speech Communication

Description: A study of communication theories as applied to speech; practical communicative experiences ranging from interpersonal communication and small group process through discussion to speaking in standard speaker-audience setting.

Course Code: ENGL10500

Course Title: English Composition II

Description: The second half of the basic composition sequence. Emphasis on the logical and rhetorical problems involved in writing discursive essays. Directed writing of themes based largely on reading of discursive prose and imaginative literature. Normally to be taken immediately following ENGL 10400 in the freshman year.

Course Code: AD25500

Course Title: Art Appreciation

Description: Understanding and appreciation of the origins and growth of art. A trip to a major museum is included in the course.


Course Code:MUS25000

Course Title: Music Appreciation

Description: An introduction to the understanding of music. How to listen to its materials. A study of the media, forms, styles, and composers through recorded, live, and film media. Methods used in the structure of music as well as the aesthetic values present in music are also emphasized.


Semester III Program

Course Code: ENTR 25000

Course Title: Opportunity Identification.

Description: The Technology Commercialization Course is designed to help students to identify, evaluate, and develop commercialization plans.

The course focuses on four themes:

1. The source, discovery, and evaluation of technological opportunities
2. The process of organizing, innovation to produce new technology that satisfies the needs of customers
3. The different mechanisms available to appropriate the returns from the exploitation of technological opportunities
4. The evaluation of whether opportunities are appropriate for independent entrepreneurs or large firms.

Course Code: BUSM22500

Course Title: Fundamental Managerial Statistics

Description: The foundation for statistical decision-making. Topics include: probability theory, descriptive statistics, estimation, and statistical inference with managerial applications.

Course Code: ECON25100

Course Title: Microeconomics

Description: Microeconomics studies the choices individuals make and the incentives that influence those choices. Emphasis is on the incentives that determine market prices and resource allocation. The role of public policy in influencing incentives and efficiency is also addressed.

Course Code: ACC20000

Course Title: Introductory Accounting

Description: An examination of the system by which accounting data is gathered from economic events, Preparation and use of financial statements.

Course Code: HIST10400

Course Title: Introduction to Modern World

Description: Traces the historical, political, and geographical expansion of European society and culture into the Americas, Africa, and Asia. Such topics as the major political revolutions, nationalism, the development of the European states, and the environmental impact from the era of the Reformation to the present are studied.


Course Code: HIST11000

Course Title: The Pre-Modern World

Description: A survey of the ancient and medieval periods from late prehistoric times to the 17th century. Major emphasis is placed on ancient civilizations, the development and flowering of medieval, political, religious, economic and cultural institutions in Western and non-Western societies; the impact of geographic and environmental factors in the historic, social and cultural changes, and the dawn of modern times.

Semester IV Program

Course Code: ACC20100

Course Title: Management Accounting I

Description: An introduction to management’s internal use of accounting information for decision making, production management, product costing, motivating and evaluating performance and budgeting.

Course Code: ENTR40100

Course Title: Social Entrepreneurship

Description: This is an experiential learning course designed to show students that entrepreneurship can be useful for community enrichment and not just direct generation of wealth. In the course, students will learn about various aspects of social entrepreneurship and undertake a project of their choice designed to improve the local community.

Course Code: FIN31000

Course Title: Financial Management

Description: Management of the financial affairs of the industrial enterprise. Working capital management, current assessment, capital budgeting, stock and bond valuation, and capital structure decisions.

Course Code: OBHR22100

Course Title: Principles of Management

Description: The fundamentals of organizing a business to succeed. The planning, organization, directing and controlling of business activities in the organizational plan to combine and allocate resources to meet expressed goals are the focus of this course.

Course Code: PHIL12000

Course Title: Critical Thinking

Description: Course designed to develop reasoning skills and analytic abilities, based on an understanding of the rules or forms as well as the content of good reasoning. The course will cover moral, legal, and scientific reason, in addition to ordinary problem solving.

Semester V Program

Course Code: ENTR42000

Course Title: Business Plan Development

Description: The components of a business plan are analyzed. The focus is on the research, preparation, and presentation of the plan in a critical environment. Major components are marketing analysis, financial calculations and the applications of sound managerial principles. Public and private resources are available to fund new start-ups, expansions, and acquisitions will be explored and preformed statements will be constructed.

Course Code: ENTR30300

Course Title: Raising Money

Description: For students interested in business start-up or management of a growing firm. Exposure to the principles, methods and tools used in financial planning, analysis, and control of the small business enterprise. Covers short-term financial planning and control, creation of pro forma financial statements, and business valuation techniques. Presents how and where to seek financing via a variety of debt and equity sources.

Course Code: POL10100

Course Title: American Government and Politics

Description: A study of the nature of democratic government, the U.S. Constitution, federalism, civil rights, political dynamics, the presidency, Congress, and the judiciary.

Course Code: MKG32400

Course Title: Marketing Management

Description: A managerial approach to the job of learning to make a decision on a product policy, distribution channels, pricing, personal selling, advertising, and marketing research.

Course Code: OBHR33000

Course Title: Introduction to Organizational Behavior

Description: Junior standing desirable. An integrated social science approach to administrative problems and administrative behavior. Behavior in organizations is examined in the context of psychological and sociological principles with attention given to such problems as motivation, influence, communication, leadership, small group processes, and organizational change. Emphasis is placed on the development of theoretical and empirical skills in diagnosing and responding to interpersonal problems as well as experience-based learning.

Semester VI


Course Code: OBHR44400

Course Title: Leadership

Description: This course is designed to introduce students to leadership theory and practice. Students will learn theories of leadership, practice methods of evaluating effective leadership, and develop a personal leadership action plan. Particular emphasis is placed on developing ethical leadership and trust.

Course Code: ENTR 31001

Course Title: Launching a New Venture

Course Description

Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation Course is a practical guide to starting a new business, providing students with exposure to every crucial aspect of the entrepreneurship experience. From the initial phase of evaluating a business idea to the actual business launch, students are introduced to the realities of entrepreneurship and the misconceptions surrounding it. Useful models and frameworks, complemented by practical advice and guidelines, provide students with a solid foundation to launch their own businesses while understanding the various risks their startup may face.

Course Code: BUSM38000

Course Title: International Business

Description: An introduction to the nature of international business. The course addresses the international business environment, including economic, political, legal, and social aspects. The assessment of international opportunities and risk is also addressed.

Course Code: MKG42400

Course Title: Consumer Behavior

Description: An analysis of the environmental, social and psychological factors which influence an individual’s buying decisions. The course covers how individual consumers are identified, motivated, and evaluated for use in various marketing activities. Emphasis is placed on the business approach for identifying the consumer’s decision-making process.

Course Code: PHIL32400

Course Title: Ethics for the Professions

Description: A study of the ethical problems faced by professionals in engineering, management, and other professional fields. Topics include: ethical theories, moral decision-making, social responsibility, employee rights and responsibilities, the environment, truth telling, affirmative action, privacy and confidentiality, whistle-blowing, and deception.

Semester VII Program

Course Code: ENTR40000

Course Title: Small Business Consultant

Description: Student consultant teams are assigned to individual, local, client companies to look at, study, and analyze one or more of their existing business problems or challenges. Each consultant team, with the active involvement and help of the instructor, will conduct the consulting assignment and submit a final report by the end of the semester. Consulting teams will also make a live presentation to the client.

Course Code: MKG43300

Course Title: Personal Selling

Description: A detailed exposure to personal selling strategies and tactics, it examines effective selling in the consumer and industrial markets, including an analysis of consumers, motivation and communications, handling objections and closing techniques. The entire sales process is examined, with particular emphasis on relationship selling, planning, and delivery of sales presentations, and trust-building techniques. The roles of professional salespeople within their organizations and economic systems are investigated, as are important dimensions of sales careers.

Course Code: BUSM36000

Course Title: Production/Operations Management

Description: An introductory course concerning the management of production, distribution and service systems operations. Topics covered include design of products, processes and facilities, planning, scheduling, and controlling inventory and quality.

Course Code: BUSM30100

Course Title: Management Career Lectures

Description: Workshops and lectures involving students in the decision- making process for career planning. Students will explore career paths, develop a job search plan, and prepare and practice interviewing techniques. Skills in writing cover letters, constructing a resume, and interviewing will be a major focus of this course. Visiting professionals in Career Placement and Recruiting will share information, experiences and career opportunities in their fields.

Course Code: ENGL42000

Course Title: Business Writing

Description: Workplace writing in networked environments for management contexts. Emphasizes organizational context, project planning, document management, ethics, research, team writing. Typical genres include management memos, reports, letters, email, resumes (print and online), oral presentations.

Semester VIII Program

Course Code: MKG43400

Course Title: Digital Marketing Strategy

Description: An introduction to electronic marketing and the dynamics of Internet marketing.

Course Code: ENTR30000

Course Title: Growing the Firm

Description: Emphasizes the strategic management of growth associated with a rapidly changing business. Focuses on the practical aspects of managing a growing business on a day-to-day basis. Practical application to ‘entrepreneurship’, such as growing a division or department within a larger organization.

Course Code: ENTR45000

Course Title: Corporate Entrepreneurship

Description: The Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation course explores the practices and challenges involved when established companies initiate major business domain or model innovations.  The new business creation function, in particular, is explored.  Second, the course reviews how companies can rely on strategic innovation to reinvigorate and renew themselves, their markets, or their industries.

Course Code: ENTR41000

Course Title: Small Business Consulting

Description: Small Business Consulting is a course designed to prepare students for professional consulting work. Small Business Consulting or simply “Business Consulting” for small and medium enterprises provides students with the necessary skills in understanding industry structures, the value creation process in enterprises, innovative business modeling and formulating action programs based on internal business processes. These internal business processes are classified under four structures – operations management, customer management, innovation, and regulatory and social involvement.