Organizational Leadership and Supervision


Semester 1

Course Code: ENGL10400

Course Title: English Composition I

Description: Emphasis on the organization of the expository theme. Directed writings of themes based on personal experience, on the relationship between experience and language, and on the relationship between experience and ideas.

Course Code: COM11400

Course Title: Fundamentals of Speech Communication

Description: A study of communication theories as applied to speech; practical communicative experiences ranging from interpersonal communication and small group process through discussion to speaking in standard speaker-audience setting.

Course Code: MA15900

Course Title: Pre-calculus

Description: Algerbra and Trigonometry topics designed to prepare students for calculus.

Course Code: OLS16300

Course Title: Fundamentals of Self-Leadership

Description: This course provides students with an introduction to the Organizational Leadership and Supervision program, and prepares them for the program curriculum. It serves both as the Freshman Experience course, and the fundamental introduction to leadership. It utilization of campus resources, goal setting, values and role exploration, relationship of academic planning and life goals, discipline specific career exploration, and critical thinking.

Course Code: OLS25200

Course Title: Human Relations in Organizations

Description: A survey of the concepts that provide a foundation for the understanding of individual and group behavior in organizations. Special emphasis on typical interpersonal and leadership relationships.


Semester 2

Course Code: ENGL22000

Course Title: Technical Report Writing

Description: A study of application of the principles of good writing in industrial reporting with emphasis on the techniques of presenting information graphically as well as in a clear, concise written form.

Course Code: PSY12000

Course Title: Elementary Psychology

Description: Introduction to the fundamental principles of psychology, covering particularly the topics of personality, intelligence, emotion, attention, perception, learning, memory, and thinking.

Course Code: STAT13000

Course Title: Statistics and Contemporary Life

Description: Introduction to statistical ideas and their impact on various aspects of modern life. Topics will include the organization, manipulation, and understanding of numerical data, the art of data presentation, and interpretation of statistical information as presented in the media, the concept of randomness in gambling and lotteries, and some discussion of statistical fallacies.

Course Code: CIS20400

Course Title: Introduction to Computer-Based Systems

Description: An introduction to computer-based systems with an emphasis on how computers can assist the user. Computer concepts, terminology, and a survey of programming languages, operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, database, communications, graphics, and Internet are included. Extensive laboratory exercises are assigned.

Course Code: OLS13100

Course Title: Introduction to Safety & Health Management

Description: Course emphasizes developing an understanding of various topics related to environmental health and safety which owners, managers, supervisors, and employees need to be aware of in the working environment.


Semester 3

Course Code: OLS37400

Course Title: Supervision Management

Description: Introduction to and overview of the fundamental concepts of supervision. Emphasis is placed on the supervisor’s major functions and essential areas of knowledge, his relations with others, and his personal development.

Course Code: OLS38400

Course Title: Leadership Process

Description: An in-depth study of a sequence of manager actions that influence employees to achieve desired performance results. How these manager actions are transformed by employees into desired performance also is covered.

Course Code: BHS20100

Course Title: Statistical Methods For The Behavioral Sciences

Description: Working knowledge of high school algebra required. Not open to students with credit in PSY 50000. An introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics as applied to the behavioral sciences.

Course Code: OLS37500

Course Title: Training Methods

Description: Principles, practices, and methods of employee training. Introduction to systematic training program design, development, and evaluation. Emphasis is on the supervisor as a trainer.


Semester 4

Course Code: ECON21000

Course Title: Principles Of Economics

Description: Study of the basic economic institutions and the role they play in defining and achieving the nation’s economic goals. Emphasis will be placed on the interdependent nature of the economy and the effects of economic decisions on the individual and society.

Course Code: OLS35000

Course Title: Applied Creativity for Business and Industry

Description: A study of the ways an individual can become more creative and how they can develop an environment which encourages creativity from employees.

Course Code: OLS27200

Course Title: Job Evaluation

Description: A survey of the basic principles and significance of job evaluation. An analysis of current practices and techniques used in job analysis, job descriptions and job evaluation.


Semester 5

Course Code: OLS37600

Course Title: Human Resource Issues

Description: Analysis and discussion of case problems concerning typical leadership and personnel situations that impact upon the supervisor/manager. Emphasis directed toward development to attitude, philosophy, analytical ability, and problem- solving skills within the working environment.

Course Code: OLS45400

Course Title: Gender and Diversity in Management

Description: This course will provide supervisors with the skills required for managing a diverse work force. The course will focus on helping supervisors identify and solve workplace problems arising from cultural, racial, gender, and language differences.


Semester 6

Course Code: PHIL32400

Course Title: Ethics For the Professions

Description: A study of the ethical problems faced by professionals in engineering, management, and other professional fields. Topics include: ethical theories, moral decision-making, social responsibility, employee rights and responsibilities, the environment, truth telling, affirmative action, privacy and confidentiality, whistle-blowing, and deception.

Course Code: OLS37800

Course Title: Labor/Management Relations

Description: An introduction to and overview of the fundamental concepts of labor relations, collective bargaining, and dispute resolution procedures. A comparative analysis is used to assess some of the legal economic, and political structures of labor relations.

Course Code: OLS47700

Course Title: Conflict Management

Description: (This course requires a Junior standing or consent of the instructor.) A study of the alternative means of settling political and personal disputes between parties by methods generally outside the traditional court systems. Students will investigate the theoretical and practical aspects of communication, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and other third-party strategies to reach agreements.


Semester 7

Course Code: OLS47400

Course Title: Conference Leadership Training

Description: Understanding the role of the conference in the work world, with practical applications of the various techniques of conference leadership, and an understanding of group problem-solving in the conference situation.

Course Code: OLS48300

Course Title: The Common Law of the Workplace

Description: Note: Permission of the instructor if prerequisite has not been met. Satutory and individual rights are expanding significantly and supervisors must have the expertise to deal with these new workplace issues. The intent of this course will be to present cases reflecting how supervisors deal with current workplace issues.

Course Code: OLS46800

Course Title: Personnel Law

Description: A study of employment laws specially affecting employer-employee relationships. The purpose of the course is to provide the supervisor with a summary of current employee relations laws and a practical approach to dealing with daily employer-employee legal concerns. Topics include laws related to discrimination based on sex, race, age, handicap, hiring and discharge of workers, drug and alcohol testing, privacy in the workplace, wages, ERISA, and other issues on employee rights and employer responsibilities.

Course Code: OLS 49300

Course Title: Senior Project-Phase 1


Semester 8

Course Code: OLS49700

Course Title: Senior Project- Phase 2

Description: This course focuses on the implementation and completion of the Senior Project in an organization of the student’s choice. Students will finalize their proposal and methodology, by using the process learned in Senior Project- Phase I and from previous course material, as well as completing the project.

Course Code: ENGL42000

Course Title: Business Writing

Description: Workplace writing in networked environments for management contexts. Emphasizes organizational context, project planning, document management, ethics, research, team writing. Typical genres include management memos, reports, letters, email, resumes (print and online), oral presentations.

Free Electives: Student can choose any course in Psychology, Economics, Math, IT and English

Major Elective: Any course from below list.


Course Code: OLS33600

Course Title: Fundamentals of Risk Assessment and Management

Description: Explore techniques for assessment and methods for managing the risk associated with occupational injuries, illnesses, deaths and property damage in the workplace. The principle methods include: 1) identifying the exposure to loss; 2) evaluating alternative techniques for treating the exposure; 3) selecting the appropriate techniques; 4) implementing the chosen technique; and 5) monitoring and improving the risk management system.

Course Code: OLS33700

Course Title: Introduction to Emergency Management

Description: Explore the principles of emergency management in preparing for disruptive events. Students explore the requirements and value of emergency management in preparation for a variety of emergency events likely to occur in either industrial or municipal environments. Students will study the concepts of emergency management including prevention of, mitigation of, preparedness for, response to, and recovery from disruptive emergency events.

Course Code: OLS36300

Course Title: Fundamentals of Self-Management

Description: This course compares and contrasts several frameworks for self-management, and provides students with the opportunity to study these frameworks to achieve success in life, school and career.

OLS36400: Prof Development Program

Course Title: Professional Development Program

Description: A survey course covering many professional facets relative to entering the work force upon graduation. Major areas addressed include resume preparation, interview techniques, development of job search plans, social skills, and analysis of career fields and opportunities.

Course Code: OLS38700

Course Title: Emergency Planning and Exercises

Description: Explore the development of emergency plans and exercises for organizations. Students will learn requirements imposed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for emergency plans. Students will study the linkage between emergency plans through emergency preparedness exercises. Students will develop an onsite emergency plan, for an actual organization, and an emergency exercise to test the plan.

Course Code: OLS57400

Course Title: Managerial Training and Development

Description: (Student required to have Senior standing or consent of instructor.) Review of current managerial education and development theories and practices; discussion of fundamental social, economic, political changes affecting business and the work of managing; implications of these changes for individual manager development and continued growth.

Course Code: OLS57600

Course Title: Advanced Topics in Human Resource Management

Description: Current topics and issues in the legal, behavioral and technical environment of human resource management. Topics may include employment practices, labor management relations wage and salary administration, treatment of employees on the job, or productivity-improvement programs. Employs seminar format with emphasis on applications research. Masters students or senior status with instructor approval.

Course Code: OLS58000

Course Title: Interpersonal Skills for Leaders

Description: Development and improvement of interpersonal and group dynamic skills for effective leadership in organizations. Emphasis on action learning and real-world application of skills. Open to all graduate students with specail consideration give to Seniors with a 3.0 GPA and School of Technology graduate students. Course may be offered as traditional, distance or blended format.

Course Code: OLS58100

Course Title: Workshop in Organizational Leadership and Supervision

Description: Advanced study of technical and professional topics. Emphasis is on a new developments relating to technical, operational, and training aspects of industry and technology education. Course may be offered in a traditional, distance or blended format. Course format may vary depending upon the topic of the course.

Course Code: OLS58300

Course Title: Coaching and Mentoring in Organizations

Description: This course explores issues and practices in technologically-driven organizations pertaining to the roles and functions that coaching and mentoring play in employee development. A ‘best practices’ approach, utilizing the case methods, is emphasized. Presented from the point of view of a human resource manager/leader, the focus of the course is on identifying coaching opportunities, enhancing communication skills, developing and implementing coaching and mentoring strategies, and evaluating the outcomes of these strategies. Attention is directed to facilitating personal coaching mentoring skills. Course may be offered in traditional, distance or blended format. Graduate student status or senior status with consent of instructor.

Course Code: OLS58800

Course Title: Strategic Planning and Marketing for Technology

Description: This course examines concepts, models, and methods useful for developing strategic initiatives in industrial/ technical business environments. Focuses on planning concepts including industry structure, strategic mission, organizational structures, competitor and analysis, and related areas. Graduate status or senior standing with consent of instructor. Graduate students without an OLS background maybe required to take leveling courses.

Course Code: OLS58900

Course Title: Leadership And Ethics

Description: An examination of ethical, legal and policy issues facing business and technology leaders. Topics include ethical decision making, corporate social responsibility, codes of ethics, public policies and government regulations, international business practices, technology innovation, risk management in a global environment, and specific areas of law – employment, health and safety, environmental, contract, warranties and liabilities, intellectual property technology law and international laws and regulations. Graduate student standing or senior status with instructor consent. Graduate students without OLS background may be required to take some leveling courses.

Course Code: OLS59000

Course Title: Individual Research Problems in Supervision and Personnel

Description: Students required to have the consent of the instructor. Opportunity to study specific problems in the field of supervision and personnel under the guidance of a qualified faculty member within the department. Does not include thesis work.