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    a workshop on "Conducting Successful Research"

    Department of business and economics, Mazoon College arranged a workshop on “Conducting Successful Research” on the 2nd December 2018, for 41 students, few faculty members also join in the workshop. The main emphasis of the workshop was explaining critical steps in conducting a research work. Head of the department Dr. Owais Husain inaugurate the workshop and invites Dr. Sohel Ahmed (a faculty member of Mazoon College) to conduct the workshop. Dr. Sohel explained the purpose of research, steps in the research design including how to craft problem statement, research question and the importance of the theoretical underpinning in research. He also made participants aware of the importance of choosing the right methodology for research. The workshop adjourns with a pleasant note from the head of the department.


    A journey to heart of Oman 2020

    On the occasion of 48th National Day of Oman, Economics Club has organized an Exhibition to mark the event remarkable. Economics students have displayed colorful charts, which has represented various facets of development of Oman by selecting topics like culture of Oman, Tourism Sector of Oman, Higher Education in Oman and various other topics. This exhibition portrayed Oman’s glory, pride and progress.

    The event was attended by Honorable Dean Dr. Khalfan Al Mansuri, Asst. Dean Academics Dr. Suhaila Abbas, Dr. Owais Hussain HOD Business Department, HODs of other departments, faculties and large no of students. The event was convened by Dr. Sushmita Dey Advisor of Economics Club and it was fully coordinated by Mr. Sarbatullah Khan, Ms. Sashi and Ms. Muna. It was organized which aimed to involve the students so that they can express their joy on this occasion.



    Academic Reading Circles: An Innovative Approach for the Learners' Autonomy Enhancement Workshop

    The purpose of this workshop was to familiarize the faculty members of both the English Department and the General Foundation Program (GFP) with the most recent approach to teaching academic reading skill, called Academic Reading Circle (ARC), an initiative of Tyson Seburn at the University of Toronto, Canada. The presenter started by talking about the significance of reading as a fundamental skill that encompasses all other skills and created a discussion on different techniques of its teaching. Afterwards, he touched upon the gap between traditional vis a vis modern philosophy of teaching English whereby teaching has shifted from spoon-feeding to more of a collaborative, communitive, and community-based phenomenon. In the light of ARC, learners have to be involved in an interactive task of the reconstruction of knowledge thought five different roles that are given to them by the teachers: leader, contextualizer, visualizer, highlighter, and connector. Each student is supposed to perform their role under the supervision of the class teacher to fulfill the task of reading comprehension collaboratively. The presentation ended with a discussion on the implementability of this approach in the context of Mazoon College in terms of its adaptability and challenges that teachers may encounter.  


    One Day Seminar on "Introduction to Li-Fi Technology"

    The seminar on “Introduction to Li-Fi Technology” was conducted by the Department of CS & IT on 21.10.2018 at Hall C from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. The programme was convened by Dr. Mohammed Abbas, Head/CS&IT and coordinated by Dr. Mohammad Daiyan, Assistant Professor.

    The seminar started with welcome address given by Dr. Mohammed Abbas, Head/CS&IT, and Convener. The students of MIS, IST and CS majors has attended Seminar.

    The seminar commenced with definition of Wi-fi and Li-fi, followed by its objective, motivation, Tools and technique used in Li-Fi, benefits, application, challenges and future scope.

    The program ended with question and answer session and a vote of thanks by Dr. Mohammad Daiyan, Coordinator.

    English Club

    English Club, which is run by English Department students, has re-opened after going through some changes in its function and structure. The club is now managed by volunteers, mostly senior outstanding students of English Department, and functions as a self-access center where students from all programs and departments can approach volunteer tutors to benefit from their guidance and advice in order to improve their performance and move their learning forward. The club is planning to invite lecturers and guest speakers to hold workshops on survival academic skills and sub-skills such as advanced English grammar and composition. The club will be open for both morning and evening students catering specifically for their academic needs and demands.


    Upcoming Events

    Oct 01
    Call for paper - Mazoon International Journal of Science and Technology

    We are pleased to inform you that MIJST is going to launch its issue. We would like to invite you to contribute your Research Paper for publication in MIJST. Papers published in MIJST will receive very high publicity and reputation.

    Oct 02
    Workshop on "Entrepreneurship"

    Career Advisory Services is organizing a workshop on "Entrepreneurship" on 2 October 2017, In Hall A from 10:30-12:00 A.M. Mr.Qais Al Balushi, Training Development Officer, SME Fund, will be the speaker.

    Oct 02
    Lecture on "Dangers of Drugs"

    Awareness lecture on the dangers of drugs by the Royal Oman Police on Monday 2/10/2017 from 11:30 pm to 12:30 pm at first floor ( Hall A ).

    Oct 04
    Elections of The Student Advisory Council

    Announcement of the commencement of the elections of the Student Advisory Council.

    Oct 25
    12th Fiap Club's World Cup

    Students wishing to participate in the ( 12th Fiap Club's World Cup ) may come to the students' affairs.

    Nov 07
    Seminar on "Cloud Computing"

    Department of CS & IT is organizing Seminar on "Cloud Computing" on 07/11/2017.

    Nov 15
    Seminar on "Introduction to Augmented Reality"

    Department of CS & IT is organizing Seminar on "Introduction to Augmented Reality" on 15/11/2017.

    Nov 30
    Seminar on "Python Programming"

    Department of CS & IT is organizing a Seminar on "Python Programming" on 30/11/2017.

    Dec 04
    Seminar on "Information Security"

    Department of CS & IT is organizing Seminar on "Information Security" on 04/12/2017.

    Dec 19
    Seminar on "Cutting Edge Technologies to E-Commerce"

    Department of CS & IT is organizing a Seminar on "Cutting Edge Technologies to E-Commerce" on 19/12/2017..