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    Latest Events

    Industrial Visit to Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    An Industrial Visit to Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry was organized by Economics and Business Studies Department on Tuesday, 9th April 2019. Students were 20 in numbers from Economics and Accounting Major. Mr. Abdul Adheem Abbas Al-Bahrani, CEO, OCCI conducted very informative session and he motivated the students to train themselves in association with OCCI.  The session was based on real industrial functioning of Oman, Economic Growth of Oman and Trade Scenario of Oman. We appreciate the efforts of officers in OCCI who guided us with each and every question. It is rightly said “See and How” is better than read and learn. The program was convened by Dr. Sushmita and Ms. Qudsia. Last but not the least, special thanks to Dr. Suhaila Abbas Asst. Dean, Dr. Owais Hussain – HOD (Eco & Bus) and Students Affair Department who helped to make the visit successful.    

    A visit to the Ministry of Information General Authority of Oman Radio and Television Centre

    Eng 214 - Language of Mass Media is a course offered in Mazoon College which gives students an understanding of how media works worldwide with particular emphasis on the Middle East. It gives students an understanding of the impact of the media and the various techniques used in the media world. The purpose of the fieldtrip was to make internship about Eng 214 course and to gain more knowledge and understanding about how media works in Sultanate of Oman. Ms. Sharita Furtado, English department Lecturer of Mazoon College organized the fieldtrip to the Public Authority for Radio and Television on Thursday, 14/2/2019, to gain more knowledge about mass media and to know about the most prominent features of the Omani media. The visit enhanced the knowledge of students about Omani media which has reached greater heights with modern communication technology. The team of Ms. Sharita and Mr. Adnan along with 20 students met many professional staff in Public Authority for Radio and Television. The students visited the two main radio stations: Al Shabab FM and English 90. 4 FM. At the radio station, students met professionals who gave detail explanation about their responsibilities, programs and an insight about media library, news bulletin, debates, discussions, religious programs, talk shows, interviews and also about the entertainment programs. Oman TV center is more modernized than the radio station. It includes twelve studios all set with the highest technology all the way from Germany. Students visited the News station, Sports channel studio, the religious studio and the children’s studio. The essential and most important machine needed in the TV sector was the great Autocue as it reflects the context that the presenter reads during the news part. The motion of the autocue varies on the abilities of each presenter; those who are fast readers will have high speed in the Autocue. The studios are equipped with the best technology to have good coverage and the students gained detailed explanation about the media and the coverage of events. Students got firsthand knowledge about how the editor, camera man and the presenter all communicate through Bluetooth headphones without making it obvious for the audience. In conclusion, Oman Television Centre is an amazing place. The most valuable thing that we learnt is that there are a lot of people who work very hard to produce excellent radio and television programs. We would express our gratitude to administration of Mazoon College for providing this opportunity and special thanks to General Authority of Radio and Television for their cooperation with us. It was indeed an amazing and memorable trip. Results of the workshop evaluation A total of 20 participants responded to the questionnaire which was distributed at the end of the fieldtrip. The following results were obtained from the questionnaire.           Statements 4 Strongly Agree 3   2     Strongly disagree Average       The  trip met my expectations         3.2   The trip was helpful           3.2   The trip provided a good exposure.         3.2   The trip was informative.         2.8   The program was worth my time         3.2   The duration of the trip  was appropriate           2.6   I recommend that the trip be repeated           3                                                 The comments received in the open-ended section about which place you would like to visit in future got the following responses: Any place where we get knowledge. We want to visit same place again. Museum Further issues that arose from the fieldtrip Students enjoyed the fieldtrip and there were no issues that arose during or after the fieldtrip. Student asked to conduct more fieldtrips in future. Follow up from the workshop The feedback data that has been received after the fieldtrip together with the supporting documentation will be used to keep the department action plan going forward. Further analysis will be conducted by English Department HOD to ensure that all shortcomings will be addressed. Ms.  Sharita Viola Furtado Lecturer- English Department Mazoon College                                                                                                   03 March 2019      

    Financial Business Management Seminar

    A seminar was organized by the Economics and Business Studies Department of Mazoon College on 18th February 2019. The seminar was inaugurated at 10.30 AM and adjourned at 11.30AM. The lecture was given by Chief Guest Mr. Muhammad Sohel. He is the general manager of the Oman Exchange L.L.C.  He gave a valuable speech on the topic “Financial Business Management”. Prior to the lecture, Dr. Husain (HoD) of the department introduce the speaker. During the seminar, the speaker urges students to think about self-entrepreneurship. Speaker also provided some practical examples related to the work ethics. The seminar was concluded with a keynote speech that has given by the Assistant Dean Dr. Suhaila Abbas.  Some faculty members also present at the seminar. Dr. Sohel Ahmed and Ms. Muna Almukhaini were the conveners of the seminar.     

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    Apr 25
    Sharing the input from the subscribed (paid & unpaid) professional bodies

    Roundtable Discussion on "Sharing the input from the subscribed (paid & unpaid) professional bodies" .

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